Alaska Wing Men Season 2: Ep 5 – Convict on Board

Hello all Alaska Wing Men fans! This week’s episode “Convict on Board” details the difficulties Alasksa State troopers are faced with when you need to move an individual who breaks the law in a small village, which doesn’t have a proper jail facility. This episode subtlety demonstrates that the only way to get to and from a small village in the Northwest Arctic is by boat or plane (and 1/2 the year the land is frozen)!

As a reminder; AWM now airs on Friday’s 8pm/11pm Eastern and Pacific time.

From National Geographic Channels description:

Small Alaskan towns like Noorvik face challenges when it comes to overcrowded prison cells, so pilot Zaz Staheli must transport an intoxicated female prisoner to the nearest jail.

You read that correctly, the entire episode is featuring Zaz! Get your sneak peak of the episode by watching the video below.

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