Alaska Wing Men Season 2: Ep 4 – Grizzly 911

Hopefully everyone has heard over VHF that Alaska Wing Men has moved to Fridays. In addition to the day change, NatGeo has decided to air each episode twice: once at 8PM and again at 11PM (Eastern and Pacific Times). The LSA crew is very excited about this change and hope you are enjoying the shows.

This week’s episode is titled “Grizzly 911”. NatGeo describes this episode as:

A 911 call from a bear hunter on Alaska’s remote Kodiak Island sends pilot Keller Wattum out into some rough weather. The hunter is safe, but needs help transporting his prize kill: a massive Kodiak brown bear.

Beyond the feature title of Grizzlies on the Kodiak Island, you will also see Lee’s Sea Air’s own Zaz Staheli flying the Cherokee Six as she charters 14 dogs to/from Noorvik, AK (which is just under 20 miles away from LSA’s home in Kiana, AK.)

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