Alaska Wing Men Season 2: Ep 3 – Sky Fishing

Lee’s Sea Air hopes that everyone enjoyed last week’s episode of Alaska Wing Men where Zaz helped out the Women’s Iron Dog race in Kotzebue, AK…  and as a added bonus the world now knows Joe!  At the end of the episode Zaz, her family, and frieds decided to goto camp which is located on the Squirrel River.  See behind the scenes pictures of that day at:

This week’s episode is titled “Sky Fishing”.

“Sky Fishing”, the amazing annual Sitka herring run as seen from the skies, featuring the debut of our twin pilots Jay and Keller Wattum (flying for Steven and Linda Suydam and the “Crimson Beauty”), as well as pilot Jim Miller and his wife Saima (flying for Dan Gilbert and the “Anika”).

As always, Alaska Wing Men is on Monday’s at 10PM Easter/Pacific.

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